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LPI Level 3 考試介紹

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Senior Level Linux Professional (LPIC-3 “Core” and LPI Specialty)

Status: “Core” and LPI 302 (Mixed Environment) Specialty available January 2007

Pre-Requisites: you must have an active LPIC-2 certification to receive LPIC-3 certification, but the LPIC-2 and LPIC-3 exams may be taken in any order

Requirements: Core--passing the 301 exam. Specialty--passing the 301 exam and any one of the LPI 302 - 306 exams to receive the respective specialty certification

Overview of Tasks: to pass LPIC-3 “Core” someone should:
Have several years experience with installing and maintaining Linux on a number of computers for various purposes
Have integration experience with diverse technologies and operating systems
Have professional experience as, or training for, an enterprise level Linux professional. (Including having experience as a part of another role)
Know advanced and enterprise levels of Linux administration including installation, management, security, troubleshooting and maintenance
Be able to use open source tools to measure capacity planning and troubleshoot resource problems
Have professional experience using LDAP to integrate with Unix services and Windows services, including Samba, PAM, email, Active Directory
Be able to plan, architecture, design, build and implement a full environment using Samba and LDAP as well as measure the capacity planning and security of the services
Be able create scripts in Bash or Perl or has knowledge of at least one system programming language (such as C)

Overview of Tasks: to pass LPI 302 (Mixed Environment) Specialty someone should:
Have necessary skills and experience as outlined in LPIC-3 “Core” exam
Have professional experience using Samba to integrate file and print services with Windows, including user management, domain control, security and performance tuning
Be able to plan, architecture, design, build and implement a complete multiuser environment using Samba

LPI 高級認證(LPIC Level 3) (核心科目加上LPI專科)

目前狀態:核心科目 LPI 301 與 專科 LPI 302(整合環境)已於2007.01提供考試
專科方面另有303(安全) 304(高可用度與虛擬化)
305(網站與內部網路) 306(郵件與訊息平台) 還沒推出~

考試限制:必須擁有有效的LPIC Level 2認證文件,才會收到LPIC-3證照,但LPIC-2與LPIC-3的考試順序不要求。



考試費用:301(核心科目) 210 USD ; 302(專科:整合環境) 150 USD 共約11800 NTD
費用方面301有兩種價錢 在VUE是210 USD 在Prometric則是250 USD

認證要求:通過LPI 301 核心科目 並加選一門專業科目302 303 304 305 306。

對於使用LDAP以整合Linux與Windows服務,包含Samba, PAM, email, Active Directory...等有專業的經驗。
能夠建立Bash scripts 、perl scripts或者熟悉一種系統程式語言(如C語言)。

對於核心科目301所概述的能力有相當的技術與經驗 。

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