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LPI Level 1 考試介紹

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The LPIC Program

The Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC) program is designed to certify the competency of IT professionals using the Linux operating system and its associated tools. It is designed to be distribution neutral, following the Linux Standard Base and other relevant standards and conventions.

The LPIC program is designed in multiple levels. determining which tasks were suitable to each level was done using a "Job Task Analysis" (JTA) survey. As with all of the LPIC exam development processes, the JTA was developed and executed using recognized psychometric processes, to ensure its relevance and high quality.

Junior Level Linux Professional (LPIC-1)

Status: Available now. First published January 11, 2000; latest revision published August 2006the first IT certification program to be professionally accredited by National Commission For Certifying Agencies ( NCCA )
Pre-Requisites: None
Requirements: Passing Exams 101 and 102
Overview of Tasks: To pass Level 1 someone should be able to:
Work at the Linux command line
Perform easy maintenance tasks: help out users, add users to a larger system, backup & restore, shutdown & reboot
Install and configure a workstation (including X) and connect it to a LAN, or a stand-alone PC via modem to the Internet.



LPI 初級認證(LPIC Level 1)


LPIC Level 1是美國國家認證委員會第一個認可的IT專業認證。


考試費用:每科目 150 USD 約 4950 NTD (共需考二科)

認證要求:通過LPI 101 與LPI 102考試。



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